Vector International Sports Ground

Promoting Sports, Talent and Fitness


Welcome to Vector International Sports Ground


Vector  International Sports brings you excellent sporting facilities of International Standard with lush green and excellent field for sports activities consisting of  4 Turf & 1 concrete cricket pitch, lush green cricket/football field and a Judo lawn. It is an arena of complete Sports Complex with professional coaching in CRICKET and JUDO. We have high end scientifically designed coaching programs by national and international renowned coaches. 


Our objective is to provide good learning and  sporting environment which is essential for the physical & mental development of the child and inculcate sporting values & build confidence. Vector International Sports is obliged to provide:

  • Scientifically designed coaching programs by national and international renowned coaches.
  • Experienced and highly qualified coaches.
  • Grass root level program for beginners which help in fundamental development of concept and skills for the game.
  • Safe and child oriented environment for kids.
  • Appropriate coaching methods.
  • Fun learning and competitive games.
  • Participation at various tournaments at national and international level.
  • Regular Assessment and Battery Test.
  • Excellent and good quality lush green field and equipment.


Why Sports:

Playing sports helps you stay fit and healthy. Sports teach us how to organize our time, and builds connections with your associates and elders. A person focuses to live a healthy lifestyle or willing to take healthier turn in their daily lifestyle then joining a sport will guarantee some improvement. Sports improves our core skills which includes mind & body coordination, reaction time and metal fitness.

Sports participation improves our health in many ways. Sports can help us to develop our self as a person. It gets you thinking about what to eat and how to treat your body to achieve peak performance. You will not only learn discipline, but you will able to deal with performance anxiety and learn how to win or lose with true spirit of sportsmanship.

Participating in sports helps build leadership skills. As a player you can demonstrate your own leadership through team captainship and individual actions to improve your team's success.  Sports teams give you an opportunity to surround yourself with competitive people and role models, and learn from them. These are the skills that can become very useful at any point of time in your life.


Why to Join a Sports Academy:

There are many sports articles available on the internet or social media to encourage people to participate in sports and after reading those articles some people just read and say its not possible for me to start any physical activity as I am old now or obese or not fit or they say that don't have time. Some of them even get exited and decide to join and some really join as well but after few days we know what happens.

As a sports academy we have taken an initiative to bring you the best sporting facilities. It will not help us to achieve our objective until you take a step forward with a determination to join sports by yourself first and encourage your friends, parents or kids to participate in sports activities.

Today due to poor lifestyle people are becoming overweight. Less focus of schools on Physical Education classes. Sports matter for every community that needs something to rally around. What we know is that based on the initiative we have taken our children or adults who are less physically active likely to be less obese, do better in school or work place, far less likely to go for bad habits like taking smoking or alcoholic,  and more likely to raise healthier generation in future. Our cities Master Plan don't even bother to provide space to encourage outdoor sports activities, despite the evidence of definitive positive links between activity and learning (adding exercise might be scientifically prudent but unfortunately it won’t get a politician elected on an educational platform).  We have the power to give those real life moments back to our people.

Sports do not teach character and values, unless they are intentionally taught by coaches. Sports might be our great hope to teach and maintain the traditional human values of perseverance, humility, integrity, compassion, courage, and the like. Our schools are struggling to do it. The Internet is not doing it. And popular culture is certainly not doing it.

Sports matter for everyone who wants a stronger, healthier generation.

It’s now time every one of us takes a stand and commits to involve our self, and encourage our kids and elders to participate in atleast one sport activity on regular basis.